Ride sharing services were a great idea but no one was sure how to execute it for the longest time.  Now companies like Car2Car, Uber and Lyft offer transportation alternatives that are so efficient owning a car may become passé.  One of the services that is pushing toward that eventuality is Zipcar.  As word spreads about the ease of use and economy of membership, you can expect the number of users to increase.   The concept is genius.  You sign up to become a Zipcar member, reserve a vehicle and drive it for a set amount of time before returning it to the location where you picked it up.  To make an idea like this work, you must have lots of cars, locations to get them from and an on-demand access model that makes it convenient for members.  Zip car has all that and more.

To sweeten the deal, you can find coupons on Groupon to save you money on everything from membership to purchasing driving credits.  And it’s all useful to those with Zipcar memberships and those who are thinking about signing up for the ride share service.  The company has hundreds of hubs around the world and your membership is valid anywhere they have hubs.  So on your next trip to Paris, you can forget about renting a car to get to the countryside and use your Zipcar membership to make the trip.  A service like Zipcar is especially useful in a city like New York where parking is hard to find and outrageously expensive when you do.

Where Uber and Lyft pick you up and take you to your destination, Zipcar gives you the freedom to run your errands on your schedule.  It offers membership plans and once you qualify for membership, you can find, reserve and drive the company vehicles.  Each car has a dedicated home location.  Many are conveniently located near major business hubs, hospitals and universities.  The company operates in major cities and has partnered with over 100 universities in North America.

In terms of accountability, members must meet stringent requirements; age, driving record, and licenses are checked carefully to ensure the program runs as smoothly as possible.  If you don’t own a car, you can still drive a car when you need to without the hassle of getting to the airport to get the best rate on a rental.  Join Zipcar today and hit the road