When you go to a country, there are some places that are mandatory for visiting and also there are other places that you should visit but nobody tells you, why? Because there are places that are not too famous and they do not seem interesting and you do not take them into account. This is the reason why there are places that you should visit but unfortunately you will not go.

If you talk to your Morocco Tour Operator this person will talk about many places that you should visit, places that are really interesting and sometimes not too famous. If you decide to follow the Morocco Tour Operator’s advice, keep in mind the following places:

So, you have gone to the Sahara desert and ride a camel, you went to the famous square and saw the snake charmers, you got lost in the Medina among other things, but now it is time to do something different, to have different experiences and discover places that will give you the best experience of your life.

One place you should definitely visit it is called the Bab Boujloud located in Fez. Here you can see glittering mosaic, one of the most famous gateways and great architecture, also you can have a beautiful sight. This places has an interesting gateway that has been made during the time and it is great to see that. The color, texture, sight, everything is amazing. This isnot a simple point of interesting, it is more than that, admiring the architecture of this city is amazing. Also, you can relax and drink a tea near this gateway.

Another great place is the Akchour Waterfall – for nature lovers this is an essential place. It is located in the Rif Mountains and people love going here – even though it is a littlehidden, people still find it. You need to hike in order to see the waterfall but it will worth! When you get here you will see the crystal clear water and you can take a swim here, I know that this look better than going to the beach, also just imagine being around nature, breathing and feeling in touch with the mountain and waterfall. There is also a bridge that you can cross and keep hiking.

After this mountain, we have a city which is called Asilah. At first sight, it seems like a bored town, nobody finds attractive Asilah and they do not want to spend a long time here but the reality is that every town has its secret and good things. Asilah has a great architecture and their bright colors will make you fall in love with the city – it is like another kind of city with a unique design. Moreover, what is designed and sold here is really cute and artistic masterpiece.

Agadir is another place that your Morocco Tour Operator will tell you about and it is a fact that many people do not come here. This is an amazing city that has a great beach. People here are quiet and it is not full of tourist but also locals because they enjoy being here. You can walk around the beach, go to eat something or talk to the locals; do not be surprised if you find hippies.

Finally we got the Sahara Desert and I know you are wondering why, well even though it does not seem easy to believe, there are people that do not go to the Sahara Desert, they just think they are going to have a bad experience but the reality is another and we encourage people to go there.