You can not just write an guide or blog post and just leave it. You’ve got to get it a little attention. Prepare your content in a certain way, and you will get a better chance of ranking on Google, and other search engines.

Google is trying to offer value to their clients, and so should you. Google is looking for significance and power. You may think of the calculations as only a mathematical way to rank websites, but they also include scientific measurements to identify what may be great content, who’s website might get an expert author.For any type of seo work our site Small Seo Tools provides 100% free tools for any work related to SEO.

You may pay huge bucks for an expert to set up onpage SEO to maximize your websites and your posts, or you may do the following easy steps and get on page one yourself.

Here are 7 tips to help get you ranking on Google, or any other Search Engine.

Small Seo Tools

Small Seo Tools
Small Seo Tools

Always have a picture – find something that is eye catching and different, yet relates to a article.

Keywords or key word phrase must be in each title, or at a minimum one H1, 1 H2, and one H3 tag.

They are html code that help identify the dimensions and characteristics of the name and sub titles inside your article. For instance in WordPress’s visual editor, you don’t need to input real code. You will notice a drop down menu to choose Heading 1 (H1 tag), Heading 2 (H2 tag), and Heading 3 (H3 tag). That is over simplified, but probably all you need to understand. Google looks for them.

Key words have to maintain the first and final sentence – Your very first sentence may be your H1 tag/title as I’ve done in this post – that is what Google sees first.

Keywords have to be in the alt tag of the picture. When you upload your photo to WordPress, then you will see an area to enter your keywords or keyword phrases)

Keyword density within your whole post should be approximately 1% – for instance, in a 500 word blog article, you need your keyword term mentioned 5 times. You can include the times it’s mentioned in the names- Caution – don’t ‘stuff’ your posts with keywords. It won’t read well, and will seem spammy. Google recognizes this tactic, and won’t look at ranking that type of post.

Link to another page in your site or site – for example link to an older narrative with a similar subject. If you are only starting out, build your blog keeping this in mind. You could always go back to a live post and include a sentence with a hyperlink to an a post or class on your site.
Don’t Skimp on Onpage SEO
These are the simple onpage search engine optimization tactics you want to do in order to get on page 1 of Google, plain and simple.

Don’t take shortcuts
Set the work in that’s required
Don’t be lazy or you won’t get on page 1
This is the way you can work with Google to help them find you, and your content, and give it a great ranking. Trust me, Page 1 is well worth the effort.

Bonnie Chomica is a livelihood contributor and marketer that escaped corporate servitude to become an online Entrepreneur. She took control of her earning potential, her career, and her life. Bonnie’s specialties include social media, online marketing, and copywriting, and she has a particular enthusiasm for entrepreneurial mindset and direction. With her extensive expertise, Bonnie now trainers and transforms ‘9-5 jobbers’ into profitable online entrepreneurs.