Learn how to go natural, grow long hair, and create beautiful hairstyles in less than 30 days. So if you have very fine hair you can thicken it up without putting any tension on your scalp, also if you have very curly or wavy hair, fibre is ideal for you as it can be put into such a wonderful website for kinky curly yaki the same wave or curl as your own hair and will be easily manageable on a daily basis.

As far as tangling, i would say it tangles like curly/kinky hair tangles…you will not run your fingers through this and don’t dare try to detangle without first wetting it and adding some conditioner….Kinky Curly Knot Today is super amazing for detangling but i mix it with a cheap conditioner to spread it out.

Since that day it has been compliments all the way…everyday my colleagues comment on how beautiful the hair is and how it suits me. I must say this is the BEST extensions i have ever purchased and i am still soooo excited about it. I have referred sooo many people to the website and my advise to them is don’t worry you will not be disappointed” Thank you Mercy for this brilliant hairpiece.

As women we love to change it up, especially if our hair is at shorter lengths there isn’t a whole lot we can do with it. As I look at my twa in my mirror…I’m thinking about getting some kinky twists for the summer…I think a lot of people should worry less about what is going on other peoples heads!…OAN: not being a stalker but, I saw your sister or you on Jill Scotts VH1 storytellers…I was like I only kno 2 ppl that have beautiful hair and eyebrows like that!

Many naturals use wigs and weaves as a form of protective styling, and some women get really frustrated as they wait for their hair to grow out and weaves and wigs are a good way for them to keep their hands out of their hair and to not revert back to the creamy crack.