They are sexy. They are well known. They’re the pinoy daring stars. They’re actors that are daring enough to show exciting things about their lifestyles to the general public. They’re not ashamed to reveal all and bare all; not their own bodies but their own personal stories. Who would be the most well-known Pinoy bold celebrities?

1. Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino always requires the press whenever something occurs within her secret life. Her previous loves, her break-ups, her fresh connections, her marriage, her mum and her husband are all out in the open since Kris Aquino informs them all in nationwide tv. Filipinos out of and outside of the nation are witness to the roller-coaster lifetime of the gifted TV character.See ourĀ Pinoy TV Shows free of cost.

Pinoy TV Shows
Pinoy TV Shows

2. Gretchen Baretto

She’s constantly in the news weekly. You won’t overlook her since she’s something to say and she’s always secrets that she informs the public. She gets into conflicts with a minumum of one person each week and they’re all televised. She is among those daring stars that Filipinos can not get enough of. She’s all of the stories which produce the dull lifestyles of the people more exciting.

3. Dingdong Dantes

He’s mum about his connections but he’s still a celebrity because he’s bold in his hot panties pictorials. The massive billboard advertisements that contain him in briefs are a banquet for the eyes of those girls and the gays. His connection can also be talk of the town. Folks are following his every movement and they’re also watching all of his ads and TV appearances.

They are those which make television watching thrilling for the society of matrons, gossipers and regular citizens. They’re the Pinoy daring stars.