Earning money for your livelihood is the harshest reality of life. Each and every unit of money earned by anyone who’s making it from a halal source is earned through hard work and energy. What one gets is what he enjoys too. Enjoy for wealth earned through hard work is a natural thing. For Muslims, earning of wealth and its own sources and the conditions which apply on the earning was characterized by the Almighty Allah. The instruction of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) regarding the earning of halal riches is apparent. The idea of halal and haram riches is clearly distinguished in Islam.

People have their differences concerning the wealth and social status they have. In Islam it’s been declared an obligation for every Muslim to help his Muslim brothers and sisters in need of financial assistance. [www.happymuslimfamily.org] Wealth sharing in Islam has its excellent price and Zakat, the one of the five duties in Islam that addresses the wealth sharing in Islam has been declared a responsibility for wealthy Muslims.

Wealth sharing in Islam has a lot of valuable effects on the Islamic society. It makes the wealthy realize the status of the poor and also to help them. It reduces the differences between the different individuals of different classes and brings them under a single flag of Islam and one community of Muslim brotherhood. The history of wealth sharing in Islam goes back to the date when Islam was been fought for from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions. When a mass immigration happened from Makah to Medina, the immigrants of Makah were awarded half of riches by their Muslim brothers of Medina. This was the soul of wealth sharing in Islam in these times and even now the soul is kept alive through the Muslim world.

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There are just two things associated with wealth sharing in Islam that are of more significance, Zakat and other gifts and donations. Although Islam instructs the Muslims to give anything away that’s acquired by them that is in surplus for them to the more deserving and needy Muslim brothers. Zakat is a specific percentage of wealth that’s due on each wealthy and self explanatory Muslim to give away so that it might come in use of his Muslim brothers. A total of 2.5 percent is separated from the wealth and valuables such as gold and silver etc. This percentage is then used by the deserving and needy Muslims. This gorgeous rule of Islam keeps things in balance and keeps stability amongst Muslims and also strengthens them financially. The practice of Zakat takes place once per year whereas general donations are to assist the needed Muslims through riches throughout the year.

Allah (subhan wa taala) has made it obligatory to assist the Muslims who are needing these Muslims who are financially able to help them. Through this prosperity sharing in Islam, Islam lays the foundation of a deeper bond between Muslims where wealthy will honor the bad and the poor will really like the rich, through this mutual sharing of wealth, Islam lays down a Base of a better and also a clash free society.