One of the most interesting kids game commonly plays by girls. Cool math is a gaming platform or a website into which Cupcakeria is a Papa’s game. In this way, subject formed as “Cool Math Cupcakeria.” This game was released on August 7, 2013. The previous game before its invention was “Papa Louie 2; when Burgers Attack!” and the next one was “Papa’s Freezeria HD.” It is the 8th game in the Papa Louie management restaurant that was introduced by Flip line Studios

In this way, there are also many gaming platforms of which some are as follows:


Papa’s Cupcakeria shop enables the player to cook an amount of incredible cupcakes for all of your wacky customers who come in. Seasons are also introduced in this game to lock or unlock the specialty of the atmosphere.

James and Willow are the default characters, representing workers in the game. Louie and Roy observed the town of Frostfield and decided to open a restaurant there, named as Cupcakeria.  While waiting at the back of the shop, a stop-like to the way. At the back, a black car hits them. Roy sees, outside the car’s window.

There was James, gets out from the car to make apologies, but Roy denied and demanded payment for the accident. James says that he has no money to pay you. Roy becomes more disappointed. Louie offers James a job, to help pay for his expenses. He takes off Roy’s cap of job and places it on James’ head. And he becomes his new worker.

Cool Math Cupcakeria


If you want to play “Cool Math Cupcakeria,” follow up the below-written instructions.

First of all open your browser, write the game name as above mentioned. You can also try other gaming platforms as I wrote earlier. After that, an interface will appear as you have already seen in other gaming environments. After loading game, you would be asked to press “play button.” Click on it; remember that you are playing as a character of James.

So, choose a save slot. Select James instead of willow or custom worker. It only depends on you. On the first day, a customer will come to the shop, take an order. Every customer may have different requirements of including or excluding ingredients. Make notes to form a ticket, and then hang on the side. There are four working stations, into which you have to work through. These stations are as follows:

Working Stations:

  • Order Station
  • Batter Station
  • Bake Station
  • Build Station

Now, take customers orders in the Order Station. And James dressed up with a working uniform which is striped in pink and brown color.  And the cap color is black, white, pink and brown, with the cherry on top and cupcake in front. Hence, select any batter on Batter station according to requirements, written on the ticket. After baking the Cake in Bake station, go to build station after that you will be asked to drag the ordered ticket onto the ticket holder to deliver it.