The first comparison factor between AR 10 & AR 15 Lower Receivers is in the gap between the lower receiver edge and the grip of the pistol, which is larger for the AR 10 compared to the AR 15. Moreover the dimensions of the receiver walls are also more in case of AR10. Hence the capacity for the number of rounds is also higher in AR10. The AR15 lower parts have been found to be generally not matching with those of AR 10. Some of the reasons for this are the differences in the design of bolt catch, lower receiver pins and the takedown pin.

Compatibility between AR 10 & AR 15 Lower Receivers

One of the main reasons for lower parts mismatch is said to be the large number of manufacturers whose specifications of the lower parts might vary, depending on the design of the rifle itself. The effective design and functionality of the lower receiver depends on its connectivity with many other parts. Some such parts are listed here.

  • Connecting pins with the upper receiver play an important role in the loading speed of the rounds. In case of AR10 they are stronger and more in number due